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GLASS CALCULATOR We leave our glass calculator at your disposal, so that you can quickly and easily determine the weight of your glass shelves and save time by avoiding manual calculations: Note: Glass weight is calculated in units of kilogram-force (kgf). HOW TO CALCULATE THE

WHAT IS POLYVINYL BUTYRAL Published 23/10/2020 An important point to take into account during the execution of a project that requires glass elements is its degree of safety. This level of safety depends, among other things, on the installation area of ​​the

NYLON Published 22/11/2021 Within the world of manufacturing parts and products, there are materials that have marked a before and after in modern industry, either because of their characteristics and properties, particular uses or simply because of their durability and ease of

POLYAMIDES, MATERIALS USED IN ACCESSORIES FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS Published 01/10/2021 In the manufacture of aluminum doors and windows for homes or offices, apart from the use of resistant aluminum profiles and high-quality glass panels, the use of plastic accessories used for

ALUMINUM ALLOY 6063-T5. MATERIAL USED FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF ALUMINUM PROFILES Published 14/10/2020 The aluminum profiles that exist today are used in endless structural and architectural applications. Depending on the type of profile and the chemical composition of the aluminum used, the

AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL Published 16/10/2020 Existing steel alloys are mainly subdivided into metallurgical families. These families classify each variation of stainless steel, taking its crystalline structure as the first reference. Within the currently known categories we have ferritic, austenitic, martensitic and