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Cleaning glass products may seem like a simple task, but if we don’t do it right, the result may not be what we expected. When we have to clean a glass window, for example, sometimes we may have marks on the surface that, although they are not dirty, aesthetically do not attract much attention.

In this post, we are going to share 5 tricks or recommendations that can help you to make your cleaning work a success and your windows look like new. Without further ado, let’s get to the point:


1. Use warm soapy water

The first thing you have to understand is that cold water is not the most appropriate option for cleaning glass. Hot water isn’t hot either (apart from the fact that it’s dangerous to clean with hot water). Warm water mixed with a measured amount of soap is the most common and recommended home solution if you want dirt to disappear. The choice of the type of soap is up to you, as long as you do not abuse it, because if you do, you will need a lot of water and patience to rinse the surfaces.

What should you keep in mind if you use this option for cleaning? Well, one of the most common problems when using this soapy water technique are the marks left on the surfaces, especially when we do not rinse the surface well or use a cloth or paper that is not suitable for the task.

To avoid leaving soap marks, you must carry out the cleaning in at least 2 stages: the first, where you pass a cloth with the soapy mixture and a second stage where you pass another damp cloth in lukewarm water to remove unwanted marks. Note: Do not use paper towels or newspaper (although it is widely used in houses); Trust special cloth cloths for cleaning glass surfaces.

2. Trust the vinegar

Vinegar is amazing. It is not only useful in food preparation, but thanks to its properties linked to those of acetic acid, it is a miscible liquid that has a high capacity for disinfecting surfaces. It is the most popular organic cleaner.

For glass cleaning, you simply add an adequate amount of vinegar in warm water (replacing soap) and you can clean in 2 stages, the first to carve the surfaces and the second with only warm water to clean them.

A very common question with the use of vinegar for cleaning is the smell that may remain on the surfaces. To prevent the smell from being noticeable, the first thing you should do is use the vinegar in the proper proportion, which is between 10% and 15% of the total volume of warm water. Added to this, the final cleaning phase with warm water should be done twice to ensure that the odor disappears and that it is not necessary to use scented products.

3. Choose the right day

What if we tell you that a sunny day is not always the best day to clean your windows? It reads weird, right? Well, although it may seem strange, this is very important. If you are going to clean windows or glass doors outdoors, a sunny day can be a factor that works against you because the solution you are using to clean evaporates faster. This will bring you 2 problems: first, cleaning and disinfection will not be uniform and second, you will use more liquid to clean and you may have marks due to rapid evaporation.

What day to clean? preferably cloudy days. Not on days when a storm is going to fall, but on days where the heat is not so high in the environment.

4. Use special cloths

Using paper, napkins or newspapers are part of the problem when it comes to cleaning glass. It is useless to use the best cleaning liquid or choose the best day or have all the desire to clean if we go with a napkin. These elements leave residues and drag dirt and often do not remove it. Glass cleaning should be done with special cloths, preferably microfiber cloths.

Microfiber cloths are made of a type of synthetic fiber composed mainly of polyester and nylon. These cloths offer greater absorption than traditional cloths, thanks to the physical characteristics of the fibers that compose them. Not only do they drag dirt, but they also “capture” it and thanks to that they are the right products to carry out optimal cleaning.

5. Use specialized products

If you don’t want to make soapy water or vinegar water, you can resort to good old fashioned cleaning products. The choice of the product is at your discretion, since there is currently a wide variety of quality glass cleaning products on the market.


There is no exact number that we can recommend. What if we anticipate you at once is that you can NOT leave your windows without regular cleaning. The cleaning frequency will depend on several factors, among which we have: The area where the glass products are installed, if they are installed outdoors or indoors, if they receive hand contact, if they are products used in restaurants, hotels, bars , if they are in environments that require constant decontamination, etc.

Our standard recommendation is that you don’t let your glassware go more than a week without cleaning.


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