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When we buy aluminum doors or windows for our homes or offices, we usually choose strong and durable products. These characteristics make us pay close attention in the first place to the type of aluminum alloy used in the carpentry that we are going to install.

Added to this, the use of glasses of different thicknesses and their insulating properties help us to convince ourselves that the product is hermetic.

But although it is true that these factors are important, the reality is that the aluminum profiles and the glass used by themselves do not guarantee the hermeticism necessary to maintain a space isolated from the outside. There are small spaces that always remain between the profiles and that require optimal sealing to avoid moisture problems, leaks, among others.

To ensure that a door or window is airtight, the use of rubber gaskets and seals is necessary. These are responsible for eliminating the spaces that remain between profiles and at the same time stop the passage of water, wind currents and even polluting elements.

In this post, we are going to teach you about EPDM, an important material that is part of our aluminum doors and windows and that is responsible for providing airtightness to these products.


Within the variety of materials that exist in the world, composite materials are an interesting option. These are materials that arise from the mixture or union of other base materials. The end result is a component that retains the individual properties of each material used in the mix.

EPDM is a material resulting from the combination of ethylene, propylene and diene. It is a type of rubber from the thermopolymer family. This makes it an elastic material that can work in a defined temperature range without suffering irreversible deformations.


The main characteristics of EPDM are the following:

– It is an excellent electrical insulator. Internally, the composition of this material prevents the free movement of electrical charges, thus cutting off any flow of current on its surface.

– It is recyclable. Being a thermoplastic, it is a material suitable for reuse. This feature does not apply to thermosets, since once they take their final shape, they cannot be re-melted to be processed again.

– Resistant to various weather conditions. Rain, wind, sun, humidity, all these climatic conditions are supported by EPDM. This particular feature makes it the most widely used sealing material for doors and windows.

– Easy to install. Depending on the application and the shape of the EPDM, it does not require extensive labor during installation. Being a lightweight material, it does not mean a considerable increase in weight in the products where it is used.

– It has a high damping property. Its elasticity and shock absorption capacity make it an ideal material for cushioning impacts. This, along with resistance to adverse weather, would be the most important properties at a commercial level in aluminum doors and windows.


This material is widely used in a variety of applications, which go beyond aluminum carpentry. One of the most common uses is on certain types of roofs, where it performs as a good waterproof coating. It is also common to find it on running tracks, thanks to its elasticity it is good for receiving the impacts of the runners’ feet and cushioning those forces.


If you are looking for products made with quality aluminum profiles, which have good thermal and acoustic insulation, we have what you are looking for. All our aluminum doors and windows have good sealing, wind resistance and good behavior at external temperatures.

For each project you have a type of profile that adapts to your needs. We have a variety of folding and sliding aluminum windows. Our available profiles are: The 45mm folding series, 60 and 70mm perimeter series and the 70mm straight cut series. The finish you want, be it lacquered or anodized for the project you have in mind, we have them.

We cover design, manufacturing and final installation. If you are looking for metallic carpentry in Panama, trust your projects in our hands and we will gladly assist you. In our section of aluminum doors and windows you have available our available products.


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