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As a company, we always feel committed to giving the best in each project that you trust in our hands. It is part of our identity to consider ourselves as the main objective the best possible result in each job we carry out.

Our work methodology is segmented into several stages that allow us to always achieve the installation and final delivery of each product in an optimal way. This gives an important added value to our services and is directly reflected in the products that we design, manufacture and install.


Below we explain in detail the stages or phases of work that we follow for the execution of projects:

1- Advice and analysis

Advice for the development of product design, manufacturing and installation projects is essential. It is important to take it into account if you want to obtain results that reflect the quality of the selected products and the scope of the idea to be executed. It is crucial that we understand your needs as a customer; To achieve the objectives of your project it is necessary that you tell us what you want.

After knowing what you want, we take care of filtering the information without losing sight of what matters to you and in this way we present a general quote for the project. Passing this first stage and with the approval of the client, we generate a design proposal that meets the needs raised.

Once the proposal is determined, we proceed with the modeling and generation of detailed documentation; It is about the total development of the 3D models and the construction plans necessary for the subsequent manufacture and installation of your project. This is executed in the next phase.

2- Design

3D modeling applied in interior and exterior, industrial, architectural and engineering design, consists of the mathematical representation of a real project (that is going to be executed or that has already been executed), in a virtual environment that allows establishing physical properties. and mechanics of the materials to be used, for further evaluation.

One of the main advantages of having a 3D model is that you can generate concepts for any idea without the need to install a single screw. There is no imminent risk of having a piece of glass manufactured, cutting material for a section of railing or door without first knowing what the final result will be.

Added to the above, we have the construction plans. They are a scale representation of a modeled project, close to fabrication and installation. As you already know, it is not advisable to start the construction of a project if the dimensions of the available space are not taken into account, among other things.

If you are working on a project that requires elements made of materials such as glass, in any of its presentations, thanks to the construction plans you avoid having to discard a unit or an entire set due to a measurement error. These types of errors are even worse than overdoing the amount of material, because in this case, the glass is not reused.

Finally, in the design phase we have 3D rendering, which consists of the generation of photo-realistic images, which can be used, among other things, to achieve a higher level of detail in the presentation of projects. It makes it possible to faithfully transmit the textures and other visual characteristics of the materials and place the product in an environment similar to the environment where it will be installed in reality.

You will have a presentation of your first level product. If you are in a major work, with a quality render you will be able to convey the potential of your ideas, before they are implemented.

3- Installation

At this point we proceed with the field work. The materials and products selected for the project are transferred to the required area to start the final installation.

Our team is supported by the documentation previously generated in the construction plans. Thanks to this, any manufacturing error or positioning of the material is avoided and a final result according to the modeling is ensured.

The handling and transfer of materials and accessories is done following the necessary guidelines to preserve their good condition.

We work with the set of tools necessary to obtain optimal results and always following all occupational safety and risk prevention regulations. Our qualified staff works correctly.

4- Final results

Finally, we have the final phase of project delivery. At this point, thanks to the previous phases and the orderly work carried out by our professional installers, we reached the main objective set. Quality products installed efficiently.

Additionally, we enclose our warranty and maintenance service, applicable to all our products:


Kefren s.a, provides a one (1) year warranty for installation, just by presenting the original document. No type of repair can be made without the presentation to continue with the application.


Regarding the maintenance service, Kefren s.a is in charge of improving the cases in which there is already a design that has become out of adjustment over time or in which the good appearance of the project has deteriorated. In any of these cases, if you need maintenance service, you can write to us and send us your request through our contact form.


If you want to carry out your projects with us, send us a message in our contact section and we will gladly assist you. Explain to us in detail what you need or ask us for advice on choosing the ideal product to remodel your spaces.


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