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In the execution of projects related to the manufacture and installation of products, it is of vital importance to keep in mind and as the main objective the final result that a client wants. This is usually an easy task if the client knows what he wants and has a clear idea and expresses it appropriately. Now, what happens when the client is not entirely clear about the final result they want?

This is a very common situation and one that more than one has faced as a client. You know what you want, for example, a sliding window or double glass door for your home or office, but you don’t know how it will look in your spaces or if it will be fully compatible with the aesthetics and functionality of the area you are looking to remodel.

For these cases, it is essential to have a work methodology that allows giving the client an exact and complete vision of the optimal final result for the project he has in mind. It is not just about offering you a quality product, it is about convincing you with verifiable evidence that this product is the right one for your spaces. To carry out this task, there is the presentation of products in 3d.

In this post, we are going to talk about the presentation of products through 3d design and rendering. This methodology is a fundamental part of our design services and thanks to it we always make sure to show our clients the final result of each project. Now yes, let’s start by answering the following:


The presentation of products consists of a series of steps that allow the need of a client to be captured in a functional design that adapts to all the requirements raised. This, offering a striking final visualization that is faithful to the expected final result. It is not about presenting a sketch or a model that serves as a reference, but one that goes further and allows the faithful transmission of the textures, colors, locations and sensations of a product that is about to be installed in a space.

This methodology is generally carried out using digital tools that allow any space or product to be represented in a virtual environment and at the same time generate different concepts for the selection of the one that best suits the requirements. 3d modeling, construction plans and photorealistic rendering play a fundamental role in this methodology.

The fundamental phases in a product presentation process depend on the project to be executed. We recommend and implement the following:


– The first step when working on a remodeling project that requires product presentation, is the collection of customer needs. This collection of information is crucial to start working on an optimized design solution that meets the requirements of the client and even contributes more than expected, at a structural and aesthetic level.

– The second step in the presentation of products is about the generation of design concepts that adapt to the needs of the client. There are several options to take into account when designing and the generation of options is important to choose the one that best fits the given requirements. From this phase the final sketch or concept is selected and on this basis the final presentation is worked on.

– Finally we have the design phase. In this phase, the generation of the final 3D model is carried out, for the subsequent generation of the construction plans and the rendering of the images and videos with realistic photo quality. The result obtained is a product that meets all the customer’s requirements, ready for presentation and most importantly, without having installed a single screw by mistake.

Now you know our work methodology for the presentation of products at a general level. Depending on the project, the execution time of each phase varies and more in cases where changes are made to the requirements in the middle of the process. The important thing is that everything is always executed with the aim of obtaining the best possible results and that the final design is functional and durable. This guarantees quality manufacturing and final installation adapted to the available space.


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