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Modular stairs are structures that communicate areas of a building located at different heights. Historically, stairs are architectural elements that have been part of our works for a long time. They have a general classification that mainly divides them into mobile and fixed ladders.

Escalators are tools that are widely used in various manual jobs. On the other hand, fixed ladders are widely used in residential and commercial works, in a variety of configurations and materials.

Within the fixed ladders, there are the modular ladder systems, which due to their characteristics and properties are a design solution to take into account.

This product uses tempered glass for the steps and hardware made of the best materials that ensure that the final installation is durable, strong and safe.

Here are the main features of the system:

Features of modular glass stairs

This type of assembly is a buildable system that allows you to install several steps to form a fully functional staircase.

It is also a striking and modern structure that installs in a short time. This type of ladder is a versatile product that has the ability to easily adapt to a variety of shapes and heights.

Modular stairs also offer the advantage of being able to integrate with modular tempered glass railing systems. This is a very important feature as it multiplies the number of possible designs.

Thanks to modular stairs, any space is quickly transformed. It allows connection to other floors without the need to undertake a complete remodel to build a traditional staircase.

Its versatility and at the same time the quality of the accessories make it the best option to obtain lasting, quality results that add greater value to the spaces. They are stairs that have a simple maintenance and cleaning.

Hardware materials

The accessories and fittings used for joining and anchoring the stair treads are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish and AISI 316 stainless steel with a bright finish. The end result is a strong and durable structure, which does not compromise the good appearance of the project.

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