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Automatic accesses are products used in control systems that are responsible for the process of opening, closing and locking swing and sliding doors in commercial and residential spaces. They are modern, safe and durable elements that are essential in areas that require a high level of automation and protection in access areas.

Below we present the most popular automatic accesses that we have available for you:

automatic accesses available



accesos automáticos.




characteristics of automatic accesses

Automatic accesses serve to efficiently control the entrance to commercial and residential spaces. Among the main characteristics of these systems we have:

– They offer greater advantages over traditional locks. They make it easy to open, close and lock doors quickly and efficiently. The sensors, circuits, controller cards and other accessories associated with these systems allow the opening and closing process to another level.

– They are systems that offer a high level of security. Security in any access area is essential, both in residential and commercial spaces. Using a key and a traditional lock system on swing or sliding doors is a good idea, but adding an electric, electromagnetic or automatic door lock system will always be a better option. These elements provide an extra layer of protection with automated access control against any unauthorized entry attempt.

– Depending on the system used, there are additional accessories that add more layers of security and improve the required protection. Automatic access systems are versatile and compatible with accessories for the use of passwords, access cards, keypads, among others.

– Finally, it is important to highlight that automation reduces the need to come into contact with knobs, handles, buttons, etc. This is an important factor within the new post covid-19 normality, where sensors and contact-free products are very important in areas with high human traffic. It is an intelligent, hygienic and optimized investment for your projects.


The installation of an automatic system for access control to spaces varies depending on the type of system selected. First we have the type of door to install, which can be hinged or sliding. In busy commercial spaces, sliding doors are the most used. In closed spaces that do not receive a high volume of users, the folding ones are an excellent option.

In the case of sliding doors, the automatic door kit is the best option. With hinged doors, the options are more varied, since there are different types of locks and control elements that serve to add that extra layer of security. The choice will depend on the type of project and the level of protection required.

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