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Automatic doors are a type of sliding doors that have a modern electrical control system that facilitates their opening and closing quickly and efficiently, leaving aside contact with handles and locks.

Below we present the automatic door kit that we have available for you:

Features of automatic doors

We offer a modern automatic door kit that has the following specifications:

– Automatic door system that adjusts to two installation modes: Single leaf installation with a maximum weight of 150 Kg and double leaf installation with a maximum weight of 140 Kg per leaf.

– Variable opening and closing speed and adjustable opening time.

– Requires a standard 110V-250V AC power supply. The movement of this type of glass doors with aluminum casing is possible thanks to a 24V direct current motor with efficient and silent consumption.

– The main finish of the kit cover is satin stainless steel. Black finish is also available for the cover and it can be customized with any other color required.

– It comes with a 2-year warranty and a varied and permanent stock of spare parts and additional accessories. For more information, quotes and more, contact us.


The main parts of this automatic system are:

Electronic and control part: Integrated microprocessor controller system that is in charge of the general electronic operation, silent brushless DC motor, function control for opening and closing, high quality sensors, among other accessories.

Mechanical part: Rails with covers, bearings, clips, guides and glass panels (which can be 1 or 2, depending on whether you want a single or double door).

The above pieces, as a whole, are the elements that make possible the operation of the system as such. The kit comes with all accessories included and replacement items can be added.

In case the design is personalized, the kit allows adding rails and covers to expand the total required width of automatic doors.


At a general level, automatic doors stand out from any other type of traditional sliding or swing door thanks to the automation that allows the opening and closing movement without direct human intervention. The main characteristics of the automatic doors with 1 and 2 leaves are:

Automated control is carried out by the integrated microprocessor, which, among other things, allows self-programming when the product is turned on.

– It is a product with a much faster and easier installation than any other tempered glass door system available on the market.

– In case of requiring additional adjustments in the parameters that control the automated movement, the system has a manual access screen.

– It is a durable product with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. If you are wondering about the price of automatic doors and you live in Panama, send us your question and we will gladly assist you.


On the other hand, if you want to know in detail how automated doors work, all the features and specifications of the system, parts, advantages and much more, visit our post dedicated to this topic, by clicking here.


The most common spaces where these systems are installed are: commercial stores, banks, hospitals, airports, offices, transit areas for the disabled, among others. These types of products are suitable for any type of space since automated control systems are applicable to any area. The design and the access area are the main factors that determine the need to install an automated kit.


The accessories that can be connected to the door system are: Electronic locks, photocells, password access controls, sensors such as Optex with photocells, microwave sensors, cards and keypads, remote controls, UPS batteries and fire alarms. These elements are compatible with each other and are interchangeable in case of failure.

Installation of these systems is simple. They are attached to the entrance spaces in a modular way and then require simple maintenance. The durability of the accessories and glass cloths is guaranteed. If you are in Panama and you are looking for a team of professionals to install your doors, trust us and you will see the results.

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