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Louvers are modern metal enclosures that serve as protection elements for spaces in residential, commercial and industrial areas. They favor and control the natural ventilation of protected areas, while limiting the passage of external elements present in the environment.

If you are in Panama and you are looking to quote aluminum louvers, we have two metal louver systems available for you:




Profiles used in aluminum louvers

The profiles used in these metal systems are made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. It is a low-density material, light and at the same time has good mechanical resistance. Below we present the most important technical specifications of these profiles:

– They are resistant to corrosion and have a good surface finish. These profiles have different types of finishes that provide a high aesthetic appeal.

– The available finishes range from white lacquered and natural anodized, to black and bronze anodized.

– They are profiles that allow the generation of structures that have a pleasant appearance and that provide a modern and elegant touch to any area where they are installed.

– The foregoing makes them suitable materials for the design of structures that adapt and integrate into any space without major inconvenience.

– They are easy to maintain and clean. Thanks to their special surface, they do not accumulate excessive dirt and resist any type of harmful external agent present in the environment.

-They are, therefore, synonymous with durability and quality.

Available finishes

Characteristics of aluminum louvers

The main characteristics of the louvers are:

– They serve to enclose a space and increase the flow of air that comes from the outside.

– They allow to efficiently increase the air flow and control external elements that can damage installed equipment (air conditioning units, electric motors, etc.).

– They restrict the passage of rain, sunlight, allow to attenuate the temperature variations associated with the sun and restrict pollution due to particles present in the air. Everything is limited allowing the protection of devices or areas that require greater care.

– From an aesthetic point of view, they are protection elements that give a modern and elegant touch to any environment. They not only protect equipment and areas of interest, but also enhance the aesthetics of spaces.

– The aluminum profiles used are versatile and adapt to any type of custom design required in small, medium or large projects.


The main function of aluminum louvers is to increase and control the flow of air in installations and structures of all kinds. In general, these systems enclose and ventilate equipment that requires protection or that simply does not add to the general aesthetics of the spaces.


At a general level, louvers are classified as follows:

Architectural Louvers

In architecture, louvers are systems that meet two fundamental requirements: firstly, they guarantee optimal ventilation in buildings that require it and secondly, they contribute to the general aesthetics of the place, thanks to the quality of the profiles used and the finishes available. They are useful in any architectural project that needs to ventilate and hide areas from the public in a simple way.

Industrial Louvers

The ventilation of industrial areas requires specialized engineering calculations and it is wrong to think that simply installing a standard grille or ventilation system is enough. Industrial level louvers meet the need and engineering requirement when installing an adequate and resistant ventilation system.


If you are in Panama and you are looking for where to buy aluminum louvers or a team of professionals with experience in installing louvers, trust us with your projects and you will obtain the best results. Here’s a look at some of our most recent projects:

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