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louvers leaf Z

The louvers leaf z system are a type of louvers, which, like the corrugated system louvers, are assemblies that are mainly responsible for increasing air flow in facilities and structures of all kinds. They have the following characteristics:


On the other hand, the Z sash louver system does use elements to fix the sashes to the frame.

The Z-shaped blades are 1.3 mm thick and are available in the finishes mentioned above.

For the case of the frame, unlike the pre-machined corrugated system, we have a 1.0mm thick H-shaped frame.

Finishes available natural anodized, white lacquered, black anodized and bronze anodized.

This frame is reinforced by a rectangular aluminum profile and allows the joints of leaves and frames to be firm and stable.

They are elements that, like any louver system, provide protection to enclosed areas against rain, sun and any unwanted external agent.

This protection characteristic is important since it allows to extend the useful life of any installed equipment.

Easy to maintain and clean. The profiles used do not require extra coatings to guarantee the durability of the manufactured products.

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Manufacture and installation of louvers LEAF Z SYSTEM in Panama

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