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Modular railings are architectural protection elements that serve to delimit indoor and outdoor spaces, fulfilling at the same time the function of preventing people circulating in the area from falling or tripping. These modular systems have different configurations that allow them to adapt to the design and installation requirements.

We have the following types of railings available:

modular railings available

Stainless steel railings

Glass railings

Aluminum and glass railings

auxiliary handrail

modular railing features

– These are modular systems that can be installed anywhere. The variety of hardware allows to generate personalized designs that cover any requirement.

– They usually have handrails, which are a support element whose main function is to provide support for greater safety to people who pass through a specific area.

– The railing systems have accessories made of aluminum with a stainless finish, AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish, and AISI 316 steel with a bright finish.

– The joining and fixing elements used are: screws, anchors, expansive cements, glues and welding, among others.

– Regardless of the design selected or the type of railing installed, all are easy to maintain and highly durable. If you want to know how to clean stainless steel, glass or aluminum, visit our blog.

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What type of railing to choose?

The type of railing to choose can vary depending on many factors. Location, materials with specific finishes, integration with the design of the place, and so on. We recommend taking the following into account:

– First, if the railing is for indoors or outdoors. The choice of materials and design are highly dependent on this factor.

– Second, whether or not it is important that the railing cuts the field of vision. The infill of the railing can affect to a greater or lesser extent the general view indoors and outdoors, therefore it is an important factor to consider.

– Third, choosing the group of materials that best match the space where the installation is to be carried out.

– Fourth, if the project is domestic or for commercial or industrial spaces and requires a personalized design.

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If you are looking for a professional team to install your railings or remodel your spaces, contact us. We offer the best consulting, analysis, design and installation service for high quality stainless steel, aluminum and glass products.

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