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Aluminum windows and doors are modern products that are made from 6063-T5 aluminum alloy profiles. A door is an architectural element that serves to separate spaces and allow access to them. On the other hand, a window is an element that serves to contribute to the natural ventilation and lighting of a space.

The profiles used in the construction of doors and windows are classified in metalwork series. These are adaptable to the type of product to be manufactured. They are compatible with sliding window, door and balcony designs. Below you will find the series of aluminum carpentry that we use in our products and that we have at our disposal:



Aluminum exterior carpentry series for doors and windows.


Exclusive aluminum exterior carpentry series for windows.


Series of aluminum exterior carpentry for windows and sliding balcony doors.


Series of aluminum exterior carpentry for windows and sliding balcony doors.


Aluminum doors and windows are found everywhere, in residential and commercial spaces. Regardless of whether they are aluminum doors for interiors or exteriors, bathroom doors, aluminum windows for rooms or offices, all these systems share characteristics in common thanks to aluminum.

Among the main characteristics of these systems we have:

– They are tough. High-quality aluminum profiles withstand various environmental conditions. The physical and mechanical properties of aluminum make it possible to generate products that resist impacts, are durable and, among other things, do not suffer from corrosion.

– They look good. The variety of finishes available, within which we have natural anodized, white lacquered, black anodized, bronze anodized, dark gray textured lacquer and wood lacquer, allow us to manufacture striking doors and windows that combine with any space. To this we add the elegance provided by tempered or laminated glass, which combines perfectly.

Easy to install. Prefabricated aluminum doors and windows adapt to any space with any dimension. As long as the measurements are correct, the final installation is easy.

Simple cleaning and maintenance. It is not difficult to clean and maintain these types of products, as long as the correct products are used for cleaning.


The aluminum used in these systems is a light, low-density metal. This makes it the suitable material for the manufacture of profiles and assemblies that require little weight. At the same time it provides high resistance to the manufactured products.

It has a natural protection against corrosion and a bright whitish appearance. This can be modified depending on the finish required by the final product.

We have standard and industrial aluminum profiles that are suitable for a variety of structural projects. The profiles that we handle are square, rectangular, round, angular, type T for joints and decorative plates.

For aluminum doors, we offer rectangular aluminum profiles with a vein or fin. This type of profile works to make fixed glass installations quickly, safely and economically.

If you want to know more about the aluminum used in the manufacture of the profiles, learn by clicking here.


In the manufacture and installation of aluminum doors and windows we use a variety of hardware and accessories. In the case of doors, among the most popular we have locks, pivot systems, latches, panic bars and hydraulic door closers.

In the case of aluminum windows, we use automatic and manual sliding window closers, locking systems, handles, handles, wheels and more.

The selection of suitable hardware depends mainly on the project in progress. They influence the type of profiles used, physical and structural considerations and limitations, custom designs, among other factors.


When choosing a product, it is normal that you have many doubts. There are presentations in various materials with different characteristics and all offer certain advantages. In the case of doors and windows it is no different and it depends on the project, designer and budget to choose the appropriate option.

However, today, the advantages of aluminum doors and windows make the choice easier. Below we list the 3 main advantages offered by this type of products:

1- Aluminum windows and doors are safe

The direct answer is: yes, they are safe. Products made with aluminum profiles have high mechanical resistance. This, combined with tempered, laminated or safety glass, makes the final assembly a safe and strong option. To the above we add the insulating property for cases where the outside temperature is dangerous and the non-toxicity of the profiles.

A proof of the level of security is found daily in buildings and residential constructions. From banks, offices, hospitals, hotels to residential complexes and condominiums. Aluminum windows and doors are everywhere. It is increasingly common to see how doors and windows made with traditional materials are replaced by new ones made of aluminum.

2- They are a better option than traditional windows and doors

What is better, aluminum or wooden doors and windows? That is a valid question that many people have when they want to remodel. Traditional windows and doors, made mainly of wood or PVC, are aesthetically attractive. However, depending on the type of wood and the space to be installed, they can be more delicate products and prone to wear. This factor is important because we generally need durable elements that withstand all kinds of conditions. It is at this point where aluminum windows and doors come into play.

Thanks to the characteristics, properties and advantages mentioned above, wooden or PCV doors and windows are no match for aluminum ones. Of course, it all depends on budget and design requirements, but when it comes to durability, quality and good looks, they are the best option.

3- They are friendly to the environment

The use of aluminum within today’s industry is very important. This material is 100% recyclable and thanks to its properties it is naturally resistant to corrosion. These two factors make it a suitable material for the manufacture of profiles used in all types of products.

Reducing pollution years ago was no longer optional. The products you buy should contribute to caring for the environment and should be 100% recyclable whenever possible. If you want to learn more about aluminum and its importance today, click here.


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