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3D rendering consists of the generation of photo-realistic images, which can be used, among other things, to achieve a higher level of detail in the presentation of projects. It allows to faithfully transmit the textures and other visual characteristics of the materials and to locate the product in an environment similar to the environment where it will be installed in reality.

For 3D rendering to fulfill its main objective, which is to capture realism in the 3D model under study, it is necessary that it fulfill certain characteristics:

Rendering Features

It must capture the essence of the shadows and lighting of the environment to be simulated.

You must have a correct choice of textures for the materials to be replicated.

It is essential to run the rendering in appropriate design software.

Choosing an appropriate render engine is also essential.

Advantages of presenting a render

As a customer, you need a realistic representation of what your installed products will look like. While it is true that with a sketch or a construction plan this information is obtained, it is not always the most appropriate way. Having the opportunity to observe how your design will look with the final materials and in the space that surrounds it, allows you to have total control of the project and the final result.

It is not simply that you can see your products before installing them; it is about avoiding a wrong investment. If you want a project with a specific finish but you don’t know which one best fits your space, it is more appropriate to check it BEFORE buying products and materials.

You will have a presentation of your first level product. If you are in a major work, with a quality render you will be able to convince your colleagues of the potential of your ideas, before they say no.


Take advantage of the rendering service

If you are ready to give your projects a higher level of presentation, you can talk to one of our advisors. You will receive the necessary advice to carry out your idea. If you want to take a look at our renderings, you can visit our profile on Facebook and Instagram and review our best work.