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We offer you our contact information at hand, so you can coordinate with our team and start working on your projects.

Mon-Thu: 07:00 - 17:00; Fri: 07:00 - 16:00; Sat and Sun: CLOSED 8th street, C-24, down river, Panama Province, Panama City, Republic of Panama +507 60765295 2039025 / 2039019 contacto@grupokefren.com


The manufacture and installation of your project is the final step in our consulting service.

We start with the compilation of your design needs. After filtering what you require, we generate 3D models duly documented through plans and finally we are ready to bring your idea to life.

At Grupo Kefren S.A. We have a group of installers who have proven experience in the process of executing and manufacturing products. Ensuring that the documented 3D model is a faithful reproduction in reality is what we specialize in.

Work with professionals

Don’t worry about getting a team to take care of your designed project. We are experts in handling the products we offer and you will obtain excellent results.

fabricación de proyectos

Our manufacturing and installation service ensures quality and excellence in your projects. Your spaces deserve the best and with us your products and materials will be well treated.

We go from CAD design software to reality; We apply our services for the execution of your projects. One of our goals is to give you a complete design experience. In the end you will see how your investment pays off, both in quality of materials and in the services received.

We are experts in manufacturing

Here you can read why we are experts in manufacturing and installation, so that you realize that you are making a good investment:

First of all, we execute the manufacture of railings, facades or partitions in louvers in a planned and systematic way.

Second, we know how to handle aluminum and stainless steel and we have the best tools.

We also have an execution capacity that adjusts to your needs in a simple and effective way.

Finally, we guarantee that your projects will be safe and durable.

Get in touch with us

We offer you our contact information at hand, so that you can talk with our team of installers and we can start working on your project. You can also find us on social media on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, in case you want to take a look at our best work.