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Construction plans are a scale representation of a modeled project, about to be manufactured and installed. As you already know, it is not advisable to start the construction of a project if the dimensions of the available space are not taken into account, among other things.

Imagine that you want to install a stainless steel railing or also a tempered glass facade, but without plans. It would be a poorly executed task and you will most likely waste time and money, with poor results.


If you want your project to have precision in detail and that everything fits perfectly, generating quality plans will allow you to obtain those results.

There are many advantages when it comes to executing a project supported by construction plans. We consider the following as the most relevant:

You ensure that the products and materials that you are going to buy are in the precise quantity for your requirements.

It is common to find work teams that, in the absence of plans that specify dimensions, err in the amount of materials needed.

With good documented plans, you buy only what you need, without losing your investment.

Kefren s.a. Planos de construcción. Servicios en Panamá

If you are working on a project that requires elements made of materials such as glass, in any of its presentations, you avoid that due to a measurement error you have to discard a unit or a whole set. These types of errors are even worse than exceeding the amount of material, because in this case, the glass is not reused.

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