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The 3D modeling service is a service used in the execution of industrial, architectural and engineering design projects. It is a very important service today and it will become increasingly important in the future.

As a customer, you need to understand the importance of 3D modeling applied to your projects. Buying quality materials does not guarantee that the final installation will be a success if the design is improvised. It is at this point that 3D modeling reduces the likelihood of poor results that spoil the final product.

Now, before explaining the reasons why the 3D modeling service should be part of all your projects, let’s first know a little more about 3D modeling:

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling applied in interior and exterior, industrial, architectural and engineering design, consists of the mathematical representation of a real project (that is going to be executed or has already been executed), in a virtual environment that allows establishing physical properties and mechanics of the materials to be used, for subsequent evaluation.

An important characteristic of a 3D model is the ease it offers to generate useful documentation for the manufacture and installation of a project.

Not only is it a virtual representation, but it also allows the generation of plans with precise measurements that optimize the final results.

Now that you know a little more about 3D modeling, the following would be to know some of the advantages of implementing it in your projects:

Advantages of a 3D model

One of the main advantages of having a 3D model is that you can generate concepts for any idea without the need to install a single screw. There is no imminent risk of having glass manufactured, cutting material for a section of railing or door without first knowing what the final result will be.

Another advantage is being able to make modifications to the model, allowing the optimization of the project without having to do it during manufacturing or installation. No need to improvise during installation, if you already have a clear idea of ​​the result. This is important because it prevents the investment in materials from being high or not sufficient for the required design.

Additionally, the need for a team to go to measure the space where the installation is required is eliminated.

Using a few measurements and photos as benchmarks, the design team does the rest and creates true-to-life models, remotely.

Those are the main advantages of a well-executed 3D modeling service. As you can see, there is a lower risk of losing money or that things will not be the way you wanted.

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