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Sliding doors are a type of sliding doors that, unlike swing doors, do not need pivots or hinges for their operation. Opening and closing is achieved thanks to the horizontal sliding of the door, which is usually possible due to the use of rail and bearing systems.

There are several sliding door systems on the market, with a variety of hardware and configurations. Next, we show you the sliding door systems that we have available:

Sliding doors available




bearing systems

Sliding door features

– The main characteristic of these systems is the ability to open horizontally without the need for a pivot.

– Sliding door systems are a design solution that employs a rail and bearing system, which allows the sash to be moved to the left or right without taking up extra space during opening.

– They are installed with 1 leaf and 2 leaves, depending on the system used.

– In the case of glass doors, the door leaves are made of high quality tempered glass.

– They have high quality stainless steel and aluminum accessories.

– They serve indoors and outdoors, depending on the project to be executed.

– Easy to clean and maintain. The durability of these systems is high thanks to the materials used in fittings and cloths.


The accessories used in sliding systems are varied. Broadly speaking, the elements that are used in any system and that make its operation possible are the rails, the bearings or wheels, guides and the handles. These fittings are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and high quality aluminum in a satin finish. The inclusion of other accessories will depend largely on the door system used and the custom designs required by the projects.


Choosing the right sliding door depends mainly on whether we want a single or double system, the space for the installation and the type of hardware that best matches the environment where the installation will take place.

The anchoring elements for rails and other accessories will be one or the other depending on the place of installation.

Installation can be on a glass facade, concrete wall, or any other architectural structure. It is up to the designer to select the door that best suits the final idea.

If you need sliding doors for your projects, we have what you are looking for. You can choose from one of our available products and if you have technical questions, we offer you personalized advice for the choice, design and installation of your doors.

If, on the other hand, you need swing doors, we invite you to review our dedicated page, by clicking here.

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The installation of these systems is feasible in areas where space is a limitation or where you want to give a modern touch to the classic folding opening system. The rail system that makes the operation of the system possible is anchored to a wall or glass using special connectors and the installation process is simple as long as it is carried out by a team of professionals.

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