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When choosing windows for our homes or offices, an important factor to take into account is insulation, both thermal and acoustic. In general, depending on our geographical location and weather conditions, it is normal for our closed spaces to require temperature control. If it is a hot area, an air conditioner is necessary, if it is a cold area, a heating system.

Similarly, if noise and noise pollution in our surroundings are moderate-high and we require a certain degree of calm and silence to work or rest in a room, acoustic control is necessary.

In this post, we are going to teach you the importance of thermal and acoustic insulation in swing and sliding aluminum window systems. So, let's start by clarifying what isolation is at the structural level:


From the approach given in construction, insulation refers to the practice of using materials and elements distributed in a structure to mainly control the temperature and amount of noise.

In the beginning, insulation was a priority in walls and ceilings and to a lesser extent in doors and windows. This changed with the advent of heating and cooling systems, as greater insulation control became necessary to prevent energy loss.

Nowadays, the level of insulation that a room can have is almost perfect. This is due to the quality of the insulating materials and the manufacture of doors and windows whose priority, apart from good aesthetics, is to offer all types of insulation required.


There are several types of insulation, which vary depending on the factor to be controlled. The most popular and the most necessary in almost any residential or commercial space are the following:

1- Thermal insulation

It allows controlling the heat transfer that occurs between the interior and exterior of a closed space. The insulating materials used for this purpose allow sealing and minimizing heat losses or gains that affect the desired average temperature. This type of insulation is mandatory in any modern aluminum window, since there are currently no designed spaces that do not have a climate control system.

2- Acoustic insulation

Isolating a space acoustically is a task that offers 2 fundamental benefits: firstly, it guarantees that noise from outside does not invade the interior and secondly, noise pollution towards the outside is reduced. The key to guaranteeing good noise insulation is in the sealing of spaces. The most common spaces are the holes where doors and windows are installed and the very fit of these elements.

3- Fire insulation

This type of insulation provides a layer of safety against the risk of fire. The materials used with this characteristic do not contribute to the spread of fire and serve as a protective barrier.


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