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In a recent post we talked about the most used aluminum door fittings today. We explained, within many things, that the place of installation, the type of doors required and their working conditions made it necessary to choose a certain group of ideal fittings for the planned design. This also applies to the case of aluminum windows. In this post, we will now address the most common hardware used for aluminum windows.

In the case of aluminum windows, there are two types of windows frequently used: swing and sliding. These are made of metallic materials (such as the aluminum alloy windows we offer) and organic materials, as in the case of the traditional wooden windows that many of us have at home or in the office. For greater strength and durability, windows made with aluminum profiles are the ideal ones and those that currently have a variety of accessories and hardware.

Depending on the space where the installation of an aluminum window is required, there are factors that make it necessary to use hardware for aluminum windows that provide new characteristics to the final assembly. If the window is a traditional casement, or if it is sliding for large spaces, accessories will be necessary that adapt to these design requirements and allow the optimal manufacture of products that fit the project in progress.

Having said this, it is time to break down in a little more detail the main hardware for aluminum windows used today. There are many types of fittings and special hardware, but below we offer a general classification that covers the most important:

Sliding window detail


These types of closures are generally used in sliding and casement window systems. Depending on the selected element, the manufacturing materials vary between stainless steel, cast aluminum, zinc and PVC. The most common available finishes are white, black and silver. These are simple accessories that serve to ensure that windows are closed efficiently and without much effort. They also come in guillotine type presentations with receiver, handle and crossing or overlapping.


Continuing with sliding windows, another type of popular accessories or fittings are manual locks. These elements employ a traditional cylinder and key system (as used in any door lock) while also having a built-in spring and push button. They are available in a chrome finish and in terms of size they are not large, therefore they do not take up much space or affect the overall design of the window.


These types of accessories are present in all types of windows. Its use is mainly due to the type of window selected and its design and dimensions. The handles and handles serve mainly as support elements to carry out the movement of the windows during their opening and closing. They are mainly made of extruded aluminum, zinc or PVC and usually come in black and white finishes.


The hinges are the element or hardware that makes the operation of any window and swing door possible. Without them, we would be limited to sliding windows or the concept of a window as we know it simply would not exist. It is a simple assembly that consists of 3 parts, a fixed one that is embedded in the window frame, a mobile one that is embedded in the leaf or window itself, and an axis that is responsible for joining both elements. The minimum number of hinges used in a casement window is two and in cases where their dimensions correspond, the use of a support one can be considered.


Finally we have the elements that make translational movement possible in sliding windows. These wheels or bearing systems are important accessories made of high-quality materials that guarantee greater resistance and durability during high work cycles. They generally use needle bearing systems that better support the transverse loads caused by the weight of the window panes and are minimal in size, ideal for elegant designs.


If you have in mind installing aluminum windows in your spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, we invite you to take a look at our aluminum windows section. We have a variety of metal carpentry series adaptable to all types of windows:


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Aluminum exterior carpentry series for sliding windows and balcony doors.

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