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In the manufacture of aluminum doors and windows for homes or offices, apart from the use of resistant aluminum profiles and high-quality glass panels, the use of plastic accessories used for various purposes is also common. From the decorative to the functional, these are necessary for the final product to be optimal.

Within the decorative and protection elements, it is common to find covers and plastic protectors of all kinds. These fulfill the function of hiding from view any space or element that needs protection. These are usually made of high quality plastics, light and very resistant to the working conditions of the element in which they are used.

In this post, we are going to teach you about polyamides, a set of important materials used in the manufacture of accessories for aluminum doors and windows and which is, along with other polymers such as polyethylene, a fairly common and important plastic group in the present. To start, let’s talk about polyamides as a material:


Polyamides are materials belonging to the polymer family, mainly known for containing amide-type chemical bonds. They are thermoplastic materials and at a commercial and general level they are well known mainly thanks to Nylon. These materials are found directly in nature, as in the case of silk or wool, but they can also be obtained synthetically.

The discovery and widespread use of these types of materials dates back to 1928, at the hands of the DuPont company. Over time, the use of Nylon and Kevlar, which is another type of synthetic polyamide that is quite popular today, spread. The attractiveness of polyamides is based mainly on their mechanical resistance and their versatility to be used in all kinds of textile elements and in the manufacture of solid pieces for different domestic and commercial uses.


The general characteristics of polyamides are varied since depending on the chosen material, they change. Also depending on their use, some or other properties will be more important. At a general level, the main characteristics are:

– They have high mechanical resistance, rigidity and toughness. This characteristic is present in any type of manufactured polyamide, whether textile or for the manufacture of solid parts.

– Another important factor is their resistance to moderately high temperatures. In general, they do not present thermal deformation in a temperature range that goes from zero degrees to 100°C.

– They have a good finish in the aesthetic section. Polyamides are not unpleasant to look at and superficially they are smooth. This makes them ideal for the manufacture of products with a final finish implicit in their manufacturing process.


The most common uses of polyamides depend on the type used. What is important to emphasize is that they are present in a variety of products and are useful for all kinds of applications. These range from the fashion industry to the arms industry. Here are the most popular uses:

– In the manufacture of mechanical parts. From gears to hubs, wheels and pulleys.

– For the manufacture of disposable, consumable or wear parts. In machines, it is mainly common to use spacers or supports that serve as a friction element between parts.

– In the textile industry, in the case of Nylon.


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