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Aluminum windows have three main types of openings, hinged, tilt-and-turn and sliding. In the case of swing and tilt-and-turn openings, the most relevant mechanical elements that allow the characteristic movement of these windows are the hinges. These allow the rotation of each window leaf in a single axis and in this way a total or partial opening is achieved, depending on the needs of the person who manipulates it. Now, how is the opening achieved in sliding windows?

From experience we know that sliding windows move to the left or right thanks to rails located in the upper and lower frames of the assembly that make them up. This movement usually requires very little effort and does not create unpleasant noise. All this is possible thanks to special mechanical elements that serve these purposes and are known as bearings.

In this post, we are going to talk about bearings and in particular about needle roller bearings. These are the mechanical elements used in our sliding windows and that make their sliding movement possible. You will learn about the concept of bearings, main characteristics and uses. To begin, let’s define bearings:


Within the world of mechanics, there are a variety of machine elements designed to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and assemblies that have predetermined movements. From elements for rotation and translation to fill or fit elements, the available elements are many. In the case of mechanical elements that have translation and rotation movements, there are bearings or ball bearings, which are important today thanks to their mechanical features.

A bearing is a mechanical element that serves to eliminate excessive friction between a shaft or cylindrical element and a rail or adjacent mechanical part. This allows movement to be applied to the elements in which the bearings are installed without excessive mechanical friction problems that affect or hinder the relative movement between the parts involved.

Now, one of the best-known uses for bearings is in the field of mechanical engineering. Most machines have shafts and bearing systems that allow them to function without considerable mechanical problems. But, in the field of construction, bearings are present in most sliding or sliding products, thanks to their anti-friction properties. Next, let’s delve into the main characteristics of bearings:

needle bearing


Bearings are varied and exist of all kinds, from ball bearings to needle bearings. Among the main characteristics that practically all bearings have in common, we have the following:

– The main characteristic of bearings is that they are rotating elements that allow the relative movement of rotation between two pieces or elements.

– These mechanical elements support two main types of forces. These forces are classified based on the direction in which they influence the bearing. The most common forces are forces in the axial, radial, or a combination of both.

– They are made of high quality materials, due to the nature of the element and the useful life that they require. A bearing is constantly working and each movement or turn shortens its useful life. Therefore, it is necessary that they be made of materials that resist constant friction and that at the same time are resistant to uniform and variable mechanical stress.

Now that you know more about bearings in general, let’s talk about a type of bearing that is widely used in sliding aluminum windows due to its mechanical features:


Needle roller bearings are a special type of bearing that is ideal for supporting radial loads in the applications in which they are used. This means that unlike traditional bearings, they support forces or the weight of the elements in the transverse direction to the axis of the same. They are called needle rollers because the elements that allow the bearing to rotate are small resistant elongated cylinders, ideal for supporting radial loads.


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