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When we talk about materials for cladding and protection of exterior and interior constructions, the options available to us are varied. From glass to heavy materials like stainless steel and aluminum in sheet form, they are all items to consider.

Among the available materials, we also have composite materials. An interesting option to take into account that takes the best of two or more individual materials and merges them into a single product with advantages in terms of resistance and durability to take into account. These are materials that have been studied and designed for applications that require unique elements with above-average physical and mechanical properties.

In this post we are going to talk about aluminum composite (ACM). You will learn what it is, its main characteristics, uses and importance today. To begin, let’s first talk about composite materials on a general level:


Composite materials are the result of the union of two or more independent materials, with the purpose of obtaining a fusion that offers mechanical properties superior to those of each element separately. In nature we have three main types of materials: metals, ceramics and plastics or polymers. In general, each of these materials has a group of properties and at the same time disadvantages compared to the others. To counteract these weaknesses, the idea of ​​composites arose.

With this combination of materials, it was possible to take advantage of the properties of metals, together with those of ceramics and polymers, and thus generate superior materials that are not easily found in nature. It is important to clarify that metal alloys or polyphase materials do not enter as composite materials since the characteristic of the latter is that they allow each material used in the fusion or assembly to be mechanically separated and distinguished.

A fairly popular composite material is aluminum composite, which we are going to talk about in more detail below:


As its name indicates, composite aluminum is a material that is made up of aluminum sheets combined with non-toxic polyethylene. It is an assembly in the form of a sandwich, where the aluminum sheets serve as faces or covers and the core trapped between them is made of polyethylene. The resulting panel is resistant to corrosion and external environmental conditions and at the same time, thanks to the variable density of polyethylene, it is light and easy to handle.

Let us now see the main characteristics of this composite material:


– The first characteristic is its lightness, which is related to the total density of the material. Polyethylene gives a lower weight to the ACM panel or sheet and at the same time does not affect its general mechanical resistance.

– The aluminum sheets used as covers are of varied colors and textures. This gives ACM an aesthetic advantage for cladding exterior facades or interior walls.

– ACM sheets or panels are easy to install and do not require major maintenance work. This is because both aluminum and polyethylene are quite resistant to environmental conditions and at the same time do not retain excess dirt that could affect them.

– This material is fire resistant. Ideal for projects that require modern coatings that are at the same time safe and retard the spread of fires in the event of disasters. This, plus its excellent fixing capacity, make it a very useful material at a commercial level.


The main uses of aluminum composite are directly related to the construction and building remodeling sector. This thanks to its versatility to adapt to any type of design both indoors and outdoors. It is commonly used in:

– Cladding for facades and tunnels.

– Used in halls, waiting rooms and spaces of all kinds that house people.

– In advertising and signage it is used for the manufacture of posters, logos and signs of all kinds for exteriors and interiors.


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