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Polycarbonate roofs are modern products that boast durability and resistance to high weather conditions. This is, in general, one of the most important advantages exposed by the team of professionals who install a structure of this type. It is for this reason that many people think that greater durability and resistance in this type of roof is synonymous with zero cleaning and periodic maintenance.

The truth is that there is not a single product today that does not require regular maintenance and cleaning. That’s because these tasks are essential to keeping surfaces in their brightest, most eye-catching state possible.

In this post, we are going to teach you how to successfully carry out the task of cleaning your polycarbonate roofs. Before continuing, if you are interested in learning more about polycarbonate sheets, we have a blog post dedicated to this material available for you. Now yes, without further ado, let’s begin.


The short answer to this question is: YES. Polycarbonate sheets are built to withstand weather, impact, and even feature a dirt-mostly slippery surface. But, an abandonment of the sheets due to lack of cleaning and maintenance, can accelerate their discoloration. Similarly, a dirty polycarbonate roof, with dull and stained sheets, completely undermines the general aesthetics of any space. So yes, it is VERY important that you carry out the cleaning task on your ceilings.

Having clarified this, now yes, let’s see how to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of polycarbonate roofs:


As in any cleaning activity, before applying any product or liquid to remove dirt on a surface, it is always advisable to prepare it for maintenance.

The first thing you should do is clear the area that covers the roof to avoid any accident. If it is a busy area, restrict passage for the duration of the cleaning. In the event that you cannot clear the area, we recommend that you cover delicate appliances that could be damaged if they receive water with a tarpaulin or plastic and notify people to be very careful. Remember that safety is paramount in any task you perform.

Then we recommend that you clean the surface dry. You can use a cloth or, if you have the necessary tools, a broom with an angled head and soft bristles, especially for this type of work. This action is important since what you should avoid at all costs is that when cleaning there is excess dust that turns into mud.

Also, before starting the formal cleaning, if you see excess external contaminants, such as bird droppings, you can carefully remove it with a soft putty knife without damaging the polycarbonate sheets.

Once this is done, it is time to start with the total cleaning of the surfaces.


Now yes, let’s get to work! These are the tips you should follow to clean your polycarbonate roofs quickly and easily:

– As with any product that is outdoors, we recommend cleaning the surface of the sheets with soap and water. Remember to use neutral soap and use special cloths or sponges. Napkins, newspaper or any similar product, avoid it completely.

– Avoid cleaning when it is sunny or when it is going to rain. Sudden temperature changes in the sheets are not recommended. Applying cold water to a hot surface is a poor way to clean. Also remember that on very hot and sunny days, soapy water evaporates faster and soap stains remain. On the other hand, on rainy days, the rain washes away the soap before it takes effect on surfaces. Cloudy days or nights are the ideal times.

– Finally, dry the roof as soon as you rinse it. You can do this with a cloth, flannel or a rag that does not release fibers. This will ensure the desired shine on the surfaces.


While it is true that it is an easy task, it is also very easy to do it wrong. To avoid a bad time and having to clean your roof again or worse yet, having to change a sheet, we recommend that you avoid doing the following:

– Stop cleaning the ceiling. It is essential that you periodically maintain the cleaning task so that the sheets do not lose their shine and remain in good condition. It’s up to you to exploit the maximum durability of your roof. A quarterly cleaning is more than enough.

– Clean the ceiling with abrasive, alkaline products or any chemical that is not neutral. These types of strong products generate stains, cracks and even holes in the sheets. Remember that with water and neutral soap is more than enough.

– Use brooms or brushes with thick bristles. The surfaces of polycarbonate sheets are delicate and scratch easily. Use cloths or sponges to clean and dry them.


Although the cleaning itself is simple, there may be cases where you require the assistance of a professional for the cleaning and maintenance of polycarbonate roofs. Call one when you see that your roof is very large and therefore climbing would be a risky task. With the right equipment and safety measures, a prepared team will get the job done safely. Also call if you notice that any sheet needs replacement. This is either because it was damaged before cleaning, or because it was damaged during cleaning.


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