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Welcome to the canopy systems section. Canopy systems are roof-type structures that serve as an element of protection against the weather. They act at the same time as a decorative element that provides elegance and good appearance in the areas where they are installed.

Characteristics of the canopy systems or canopy roofs

This system is commonly used in building entrances that need to offer protection against rain and sun to people.

A canopy is a protective covering that can likewise be used to highlight an important walkable section.

It is a system that uses special connectors that hold the system to the wall or wall of an entrance or section that needs it.

This makes them a lightweight structure that is strong at the same time.

The canopy systems allows variations in the angle of the roof creating variable designs that adapt to the needs of each project.

The ceiling can be made of tempered glass, acrylic, metal and of variable dimensions.

Materials used in canopy roofs

The canopy ceiling system features connector-type hardware, which allows the pendant ceiling system to be attached to the walls. The connectors used are: bar – glass, glass – wall and wall – bar connectors.

These accessories are made of top quality AISI 304 stainless steel in satin and gloss finishes. They are resistant fittings that thanks to stainless steel have excellent durability with minimal maintenance requirements.

The bars used to connect the pendant system are of two types: 1/2 “solid bar and bars with reverse and normal end threads. M10.

Finally, the glass used in the canopy roof system is high quality tempered glass. The configuration and size of the glass panel depend on the dimensions of the project. All the materials used guarantee a simple and elegant final product.

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