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Swing doors are elements used in construction and architecture that serve to delimit and allow access to outdoor and indoor spaces, be they domestic or commercial. They use a pivot system (with accessories that are generally of the hinge type) that allows them to rotate on an axis in order to perform the required opening and closing.

The most common settings for this product are determined by the number of sheets used. The doors that we have available are the following:

Swing doors available

The most common configurations for this type of door are single door and double door:

Simple doors

Double doors

Swing door characteristics

– These products use sheets of tempered glass, a material that provides greater durability and resistance to unexpected impacts, while at the same time giving a modern and elegant touch to the doors.

– One of the main characteristics is the type of opening, which is pivoting on a single axis. This rotational movement is possible thanks to the fastening generated by the hinges to the wall or glass wall and which at the same time are attached to the door.

– Regarding the installation, this is carried out indoors and outdoors, depending on the design needs.

– They use accessories made of high quality stainless steel with glossy, satin and black finishes available, which together with the glass panels, transmit a great aesthetic in the spaces where they are installed. This feature does not neglect or detract from the durability of the assembly.

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Swing glass doors use accessories of all kinds. Choosing the right hardware will depend on the space where you want to install the door and the design configuration. In general terms, the most common elements that we can find in a modern door are the following:


They are elements that allow a door to turn. It is a pivoting system that allows rotation in a single axis and, depending on the model, can be anchored to a wall or glass panels.


The most traditional locks are mechanical locks, which are installed in the center or in the upper and lower corners. There are also electronic locks for an extra layer of security.


They come in large and small sizes. They are elements that serve to pull the doors during opening and push during closing. The configuration, size and finish depend on the project to be executed.

Door closers

The floor door closers are elements that are largely responsible for assisting in the closing movement of swing doors. They have adjustable closing speed.


They allow the integration of the doors with the available space where the installation is required. Be it glass facades, concrete walls, or any other space. They exist of several types and models.


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