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Welcome to the apertum plus folding systems section. They are made of tempered glass, a material that provides great resistance to impacts, with a high safety factor against fracture. These characteristics make it the most suitable option, guaranteeing quality and durable products. The apertum plus folding system has a set of accessories in aluminum and stainless steel, together with tempered glass panels.

characteristics of the APERTUM PLUS folding systems

The folding system is designed for existing or unconventional structures, such as storage areas that need a special design. This type of system is safe to use in different places.

Cloths can be folded to store parallel or perpendicular. The cloths can also be removed so as not to obstruct the passage.

It is a 100% modular system adjustable to all existing measurements in the architecture. Does not require floor guide rail, only holes for safety latches.

The apertum plus system comes in glossy and satin finishes.

It uses solid aluminum skirting with stainless steel covers. The sockets have an innovative cuttable-adjustable system, avoiding machining.

The system does not require drilling into the glass panes.

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