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Welcome to the opening folding systems section. They are made of tempered glass, a material that provides great resistance to impacts, with a high safety factor against fracture. These characteristics make it the most suitable option, guaranteeing quality and durable products. The apertum minos folding system has a set of accessories in aluminum and stainless steel, together with tempered glass panels.

characteristics of the APERTUM MINOS folding systems

The apertum minos system is a modern and elegant system.

This system is available in an anodized aluminum finish. It has 80 cm long sockets that can be cut out.

Its innovative cut-out-adjustable system in the center of the socket, avoids having to do machining again for adjustments. It is a 100% modular system that works on a variety of projects.

With this system you can put 8 doors in a line that open to one side (6.4 meters) and 16 in a line that open to 2 sides (12.80 meters).

It has two characteristic configurations: 90 ° sliding system and 180 ° sliding system.

It is a system that can be used indoors and outdoors. The glasses do require serves.

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