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YLM bathroom doors are a modular tempered glass system with easy installation, compatible with almost any bathroom that requires a door. This modern kit has the following features:


It is an easy-to-install kit bathroom door system. It is a sliding door system that has the following specifications:

– Adaptable for widths of 1200, 1350, 1500, 1650 and 1800 mm.

– It has a standard height of 1800 mm.

– Includes tempered glass, aluminum profiles, handles, towel rails, hardware and screws. In case you require the product for installation, it comes with detailed instructions and a resistant packaging.

– The finish of the accessories is shiny.

– It is a versatile and modern system.

– With the measures that we have, you can use this type of door in any space that is between 1.80m and 1.05m.

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