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60 mm perimeter

The 60mm perimeter series is an aluminum exterior joinery system for sliding windows. It is a set of mid-range sliding profiles that has a 60 mm perimeter frame and 45 ° cutting blades. Adaptable to any space thanks in large part to its reduced width. System with a modern design and simple assembly that only requires 3 profiles for the entire 60 mm aluminum perimeter assembly.


This slide system is compatible with the 45mm folding series. It is also compatible with sliding mosquito net sheets.

It has a frame with an outward inclination to improve water evacuation. It represents an important characteristic for rainy areas.

On an aesthetic level, this system, like the rest, is available in natural anodized, white lacquered, black anodized, bronze anodized, dark gray textured lacquered and wood lacquered finishes.

Good thermal behavior and tightness (against water and temperature). Compatible with the 60mm wide hinged system.

Brackets for frames and sashes to guarantee a quality finish, good alignment and resistance. For glazing, the maximum thickness of the glass or panels is 10 mm and the minimum is 2 mm according to the table.

Available finishes


The 60mm perimeter series supports 5 main opening types, applicable to windows in any location. The choice of type will depend mainly on the design and characteristics of the project in progress. The types are:

1- Two sheets

The classic type of opening for sliding windows. It consists of 2 mobile leaves that allow opening to the left and right. It is important to note that in this type of windows the maximum opening is 50% with respect to the total width available for installation.

2- Three leaves in two lanes

Similar to the previous opening type, but adding 1 extra sheet. Ideal for spaces with large available widths. The maximum opening for this case is approximately 66% of the total width available for installation.

3- Two sheets + lower or upper fixed glass

In this case, the type of opening is the classic 2-leaf, but with the addition of fixed glass panels located in the upper or lower part of the opening. The choice of this configuration depends on the running project and the established design specifications.

4- Two leaves + side glasses

In this type of opening we have the same case as the previous one, where 2 sheets are used and around the windows we have fixed glass panels on the left, right, up or down if necessary.

5- Four leaves on two lanes

The last type of opening, but not least, uses 4 sliding leaves distributed in 2 lanes. In this case, as in the 3-wing, the choice of this configuration goes hand in hand with the maximum width available and the planned design.


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