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Polycarbonate roofs are structures that serve as an element of protection against the weather. At the same time, they act as a decorative element that brings elegance and good looks to the installed areas.

Features of polycarbonate roofs

Among the most important characteristics we have the following:

Easy to install systems. It uses few accessories and is easily attached to the support structures.

– The system has excellent resistance to environmental conditions. They also have high electrical insulation.

– They fit various designs. Their simplicity allows them to adapt to any space. If you need help, talk with us about your design ideas.

– They are protective elements that last a long time. Polycarbonate has high impact resistance.

– Cleaning and maintenance of the sheets is simple. Polycarbonate is an amazing material that fits in many diferent projects.

– Can be used both in homes and in industrial facilities.

techos en Panamá. Techos de policarbonato y sistemas canopy


Among the most important advantages of this type of roof we have the following:

Use of natural light in roofed areas.

– Remarkable protection against UV rays.

– Resistance to impact from foreign objects, including hail and the like.

– Protection against rain and other precipitations.

– It is an easy cleaning and maintenance system.

– The sheets do not lose color or compromise the natural lighting of the spaces. High quality products that last years.

– They are products adaptable to any proposed design.

installation of polycarbonate roofs

The installation process for this system is straightforward. Polycarbonate sheets are used that are joined together by a connecting profile of the same material. Finally, this connecting profile is bolted to the structure where the roof should go.

If you need information on the properties of the material, below you have the technical sheet available.

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