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Glass facades are a type of vertical enclosure that allows the interior of a residential or commercial space to be separated and protected from the exterior. They are the letter of introduction to the public in a construction, since they represent the external visible face of it. The main characteristics of these architectural elements are:

Characteristics of glass facades

– They use high quality stainless steel accessories. This gives them excellent durability and resistance to environmental conditions.

– They have several installation modes. Swing, sliding or automatic doors can be left, right or center, with or without a lintel.

– They allow the use of daylight in the case of large commercial spaces, allowing the reduction of lighting costs.

– They are built with high-strength tempered glass, which is an important material when it comes to products with a high degree of transparency.

– Maintenance and cleaning is easy.

– From a non-commercial point of view, a home can have a facade system as well. It allows to better absorb and take advantage of outdoor light. This allows to expand the variety of designs applicable to a residential construction.

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Types of glass facades

Thanks to the variety of accessories available, the facades can be of various types. These variants depend mainly on the type of configuration used. The most common are:

– Simple glass facade systems with double or single doors. The doors can go to the center, left or right. The use of fixed side panels and lintels will depend on the required configuration and the available space.

– Spider system for facades that need glass walls. The doors, as in the previous case, can go to the center, left or right.


Among the most common accessories used in facades we have the following: Wall anchoring elements, connectors for glass panels, pivot systems for swing doors, anchoring accessories for sliding door systems, among others. These hardware are made of stainless steel with a satin and gloss finish.

Uses of glass facades

The facades are used outdoors and indoors. Being tempered glass systems, they allow a wide range of vision. This is important for any commercial space that requires displaying products to customers. The most common spaces that use glass facades at a commercial level are: Shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, theaters, among others.

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